Seeing forever, 2012
Kuandu Biennale - Artist in Wonderland, KdMoFA, Taipei, Taiwan
Curated by Chu Teh-I / Sarah Bond
Photo: Chiu Te-Hsing

Ten international artists + ten international curators work together to expand the maximum range value of “1+1 = ?”.  It may correspond to an aesthetic speculation of the world, a subconscious outlet for imagination, a futuristic urban landscape, a disappearing landscape mapping, a pursuit of historical myths… or even romantic imaginations regarding this fantasy world of “Wonderland.”  Through the different understandings and interpretations between the real and the psychological, and the discrepancies found within the texts of dialogues, artists are able to once again write about the past, present, and future of the language of art through their works.  This particular gathering juxtaposes the immediate outlook of Asian contemporary art with its creative tenses.  On another level, it also demonstrates the styles and appearances of Asian contemporary art even as it is surrounded by the mainstream of Western art movements.