In Search of the Moon and the Sun, 2019
Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts, Taoyuan Land Art Festival, Taiwan
Curator: LIU Chu-Lan

The 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival ‘New City-scape’, utilized diversified and culturally rich art exhibitions to inspire visitors to look at land, environments, ecological development, human culture, and history from different perspectives. The 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival was held at Bade District, Taoyuan, where the Dainan Military Camp served as the core exhibition area supported by surrounding pond areas. By showcasing art and hosting various activities, it allows us to rediscover, explore, interpret, reflect on, exhibit, and experience the various forms of land art including memory-, history-, living-, industry-, culture-, and nature-oriented land art. Such endeavors foster local identity and awareness, demonstrating the energy and vitality of the city, and inspire creative changes and development in the future.