I saw a dream like this, 2013
(In collaboration with Aurelia Carbone)
Arte Magra: From the Opaque
Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF), Adelaide, Australia
Curated by Domenico de Clario, Mary Knights and Maria Zagala.

Aurelia Carbone and Tanya Schultz playfully re-imagine the familiar in their first collaborative work I saw a dream like this. The work examines ideas of abundance and temporary pleasure through the transformation of inexpensive everyday materials. The artists utilise the perspective device of anamorphosis, a form of natural magic, to reveal an optimistic notion of the world.
Drawing on the Japanese folk tale The Fox's Wedding, they explore their fascination with the merging of real and imagined worlds. A fox's wedding is an expression used in parts of Japan to refer to a sunshower and its subsequent rainbow, a metaphor for the supernatural happenings that occur when humans aren't around to witness them.
Like children performing a magic trick, Carbone & Schultz reveal the potential of ordinary things to become something else, just for a moment. Alchemy records the simple magic. Rocks become rainbows, secrets are revealed, and gifts are given.