CandyLab, 2014
Mediamatic, Amsterdam
Curated by Cynthia Hathaway
Photos: Willem Velthoven

Happy Sweet People!
The Lightness Candylab will investigate the blissful effects of sugar through a live production of a sugary landscape built by the Australian Pip & Pop. Come visit throughout the Sugar Week, and watch Pip & Pop build a pastel dreamscape of crystalline sugar to feast your eyes upon and dive into its wonderment. With a festive Sugar Vernissage on Sunday 6th, when the landscape reaches its final stage through a Ruination Ritual.
This project is part of Lightness. In an age where everyone is affected by the weight of society, the overbearing fears of the economy and the heavy hand of government, lightness is the way forward. Let go of the material and celebrate the ethereal with 11 weeks of lightness. Each week Mediamatic invites a new artist to question the meaning of lightness.